Give your nails the care they deserve

While we spend hours trying to maintain that perfect diva look, often we forget that our hands and nails are equally important and need as much care as any other body part.

Hershe’s salon in Surat makes sure your hands look pretty with its excellent manicure services. However with nail art in trend, it is always better to have some constant nail care. Here are some tips to make your nail amazing.

Cleanliness is the key

Keep your hands and nails clean. Use an acetone free remover, as it dries out your nail and surrounding skin. It is recommended by experts that using soap applied on toothbrush to scrub and exfoliate the nails and skin removes dirt and dead skin without use of harsh chemicals.

Regular trimming

As your hair needs trimming periodically, so does your nails. Surely long nails look beautiful, but they become prone to cracks and breakages.  Make a habit of clipping your nails once in two weeks, depending upon the growth. As long as all the nails are of same length, you wont miss the length, instead will be happy about its strength.

File for life

Your daily routine involves a lot of handy work and this in turn leads to wear and tear of nails. And hence it is recommended to carry a filer along always, so that you can smoothen any rough edges happened on spot. This prevents your nails and its length from further damage. Always file in one direction.

Leave the cuticles alone

Don’t. We said don’t cut your cuticles. They are the protection to the base of your nails and cutting cuticles will mean exposing your nails to damage and infection. However, if you are determined to on messing with them, then gently push your cuticles back using wooden stick after shower and massage them cream or lotion. But don’t do it more than once a week.

Painting it right

Perfectly painted nails are every woman’s dream. But doing it wrong might cost your nails their health and length. Always apply the base coat before applying the polish. It not only prevents stains from polish but also gives more opaque and saturated look to the nail polish. Also apply top coat to prevent chipping and for more shine.

Break is good

Your nails need break too. Don’t go from one nail polish color to another with no breaks. This might turn your nails yellow, dry them and even weaken them. Giving a break of a weekend or so helps them rest and recover.

With all these pro-tips, you will surely find your way to amazing nails. And when you need nail art, Hershe’s is here to help.

Hershe’s is also hair treatment salon in Surat. We also provide services for bridal makeup in Surat and skin care.

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