Your feet need caring too

When you aim to fly high, you got to stay light on your feet. But sadly, we rarely take time to take care of feet, let alone groom or relax them. Everyday you keep running around, meetings, commitments and what not. Whatever time you get is for relaxing your body.

In this daily hotchpotch, we don’t even realize how much stress our feet undergo through. In order relieve tension and to rejuvenate the hop of your step, Hershe’s Salon bring you the tips for DIY pedicure.

The Pre-essentials

First things first, remove nail polish from the toenails using remover and cotton, make sure your nails are rid of any color. Clip the nails and shape it using filer. Be gentle while filing the nails, else you might weaken them.

Soaking to soothe

Listening to slow music while your feet relax in warm fragrant water is the ultimate stress buster. This is the best part of pedicure where all you have to do is pamper your feet and enjoy your time.

Take some warm water and add shampoo to it, also add some rock salt to soften inflammation and reduce roughness of feet. You can also put some pebble as it will give light massage. Soak your feet for 15-20 mins.

Scrubbing for Perfection

Dry your feet with a towel. Apply cuticle cream at the base of your nails and massage it. Scrub and remove the dead the skin. This keeps your nails and skin healthy. Make sure to be gentle while removing skin as you don’t want to hurt yourself.

Remove the cuticle cream and push the cuticles back using angled cuticle pusher. This helps your nails to grow faster.      Use nail scrubber to scrub your nails. Wipe your feet with towel.

Apply scrubber on your feet and exfoliate the heels, areas between toes and sides of the feet. Also scrub the ankles and then wash and wipe your feet with towel.

Moisturizing for Softness

Now that your feet are clean and dry, it is time to moisturize them to rejuvenate the senses. Use heavy moisturizer, such as mixture of olive oil, almond oil and an essential oil. Gently massage your feet, ankles and calf muscles with moisturizer as this stimulates blood circulation and nourishes foot muscles.

Adding Glamour

Since now you feel all relieved and rejuvenated, it does makes sense if you reward yourself with some glamour. Pick your favorite shade and color your nails to give it the perfect look. Apply the base coat of transparent nail polish, then add the first coat of your nail polish shade. Once the first coat dries off, apply the second coat. Once it is dry, seal the color with the final coat of transparent nail polish. This enhances the look of your nails.


Follow in the regime of pedicure and pamper yourself to the fullest. Hershe’s salon brings these tips from the experts of the profession.

So, next time you need to indulge into the grooming essential, Hershe’s family salon sits right here to serve you. We offer services like bridal makeup, nail art, manicure, pedicure, hair styling & hair treatment and other regular conditioning essentials.

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