Wedding Day Makeup Tips to make you the Perfect Bride

Weddings are beautiful, aren’t they? So many customs, fun and love all around in the air. A huge number of relatives and friends coming together, just to celebrate the most important day of your life. And since it’s your day, you are under the pressure of outshining everyone and being astonishingly beautiful.

Well, the bridal makeup salon in Surat, Hershe’s comes to your rescue. We are here to take care of all your jitters and transform you into the most gorgeous maiden in the town. However, if you wish to do it yourself, here are some amazing tips for DIY makeup.

Consider climate condition

Before you get on with your makeup, do consider the weather conditions. If it’s a warm sunny day, then you wouldn’t want to risk ruining the makeup due to sweat. Select as many oil-free products. And if it’s a rainy day, go for water proof cosmetic products.

Camera needs more makeup

As you are going to have many photo shoots and will be surrounded by cameras all day, keep in mind to put on extra makeup. Camera and lights have a tendency to lighten your makeup. Hence applying a little more makeup than you usually do, will enhance your pictures.

Primer is a must

As you cleanse and moisturize your skin, the next step is to apply primer before you get on with makeup. Since its going to be a long day, your makeup needs to last longer and longer. Primer helps your makeup go on smoother and last longer.

 No fingers

Never use your finger to apply foundation or any other beauty product. They might leave behind fingerprints. You fingers might have bacteria or dirt and you don’t want any skin infection on your wedding day. Always use brush or sponge. It blends the foundation evenly and gives you more natural look.

Put on natural blush

Once you are done with foundation and concealers, its time to put on the blush to your cheeks. Applying blush to have a natural flushing look is a trick. When you smile, your cheek pops out, that is where you put your blush and blend it towards the temple. Now, you have it right.

Working on the eyes

Never forget to fill in your eyebrows. Find the right colored eyebrow pencil and it frames the eyebrows and completes the look. Try to use liner cake instead of eye liner pencil, it lasts longer. Fill in the roots of lashes to make your lashes look thicker. Use darker eye shadow on the outside of eye, and brighter one in the inner side. This makes your eyes look big, bright and beautiful.

Add color to your lips

It always better to apply lip balm, before applying gloss or lipstick as it keeps your lips moisture. Get on with outlining your lips with lip pencil and then fill in the space. This gives your lips natural smoother color and lasts longer. Apply transparent gloss to add the glitter.

Once you are done with makeup, move on to set your locks into beautiful hairstyle. You can also add color and nail art to your nails to beautify your hands.


Hershe’s is the bridal makeup salon in Surat providing the expert makeup artists who not only bring out the gorgeous bride in you but also make sure your skin stays healthy. Experience the finesse of nail art with creative professionals. Complete your look with sophisticated hairstyles.

Hershe’s beauty salon, visit us to see how me transform into a piece of beauty from top to toe.

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