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A Guide to General Hair Care

Are you tired of your frizzy, damaged hair which no matter what you do, just doesn't tame the way you want them?

Twists and Turns of Bridal Hair-Do

Your big day is coming and as it is said; if you have the right hair and then nothing can stop from conquering the world. Well, for your marriage you just need to conquer the hearts of your groom and your guests.

Glitter-Up the Bridal Makeup this Season

Wedding season is here and we can’t keep calm! Everyday is filled with joys and celebrations. Looking your best in these functions is what gives the ultimate excitement about the season.

Bid Goodbye to Winter Dryness!

Winter is here, and aren’t we all happy about it! Cozy blankets, morning chills, hot meals and trendy scarves make the winter a season to love. Unfortunately, what also comes with winter is the dryness.

Crack the fear of Cracked Heels with these Home Remedies

Ever wondered about the hours you spend standing! Be it office or home, your feet are rigorously exposed to overwork and pollution. Moreover, your feet are deprived of natural moisture due to the absence of oil glands. This leads to dry feet and hence painful cracked heels. Even some diseases like eczema, diabetes, thyroid and psoriasis can cause dry and cracked feet.

Wedding Day Makeup Tips to make you the Perfect Bride

Weddings are beautiful, aren’t they? So many customs, fun and love all around in the air. A huge number of relatives and friends coming together, just to celebrate the most important day of your life. And since it’s your day, you are under the pressure of outshining everyone and being astonishingly beautiful.

Know the worth of Self-grooming!

Beauty is not just about makeup and looks. The real beauty is unleashed by the way you carry yourself. Your attitude, your body language, your attire and your overall look sums up your impact you leave on others. Self grooming is what makes all the difference.

Your feet need caring too

When you aim to fly high, you got to stay light on your feet. But sadly, we rarely take time to take care of feet, let alone groom or relax them. Everyday you keep running around, meetings, commitments and what not. Whatever time you get is for relaxing your body.

Give your nails the care they deserve

While we spend hours trying to maintain that perfect diva look, often we forget that our hands and nails are equally important and need as much care as any other body part.

Pro Tips to Prevent and Repair Damaged Hair

When you see a person, what is the first thing that you notice? More often than less, it’s the hair. Beautiful, shiny and healthy hair is the most appealing part of an individual’s personality.